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Our GGT  Team is nearly going to become 9,00,000 social service members.
Our contribution is going to be reach 1 crore(10 million) public* support added for our incredible social service.
(* SIMR-South Indian Monitoring Report)


We are distributing and caring more than 60 lakhs(60,00,000) plants in India(plants supported by volunteers,  forest and Agriculture department)


These are all made by our superior Team effort. Thanks to all our GGT Team.


Green Guard  strives for a world where agricultural communities manage their landscapes as green guard to enable them simultaneously to enhance rural livelihoods, conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services, and sustainably produce crops, livestock, fish, and fiber.

Our Mission

green guard’ mission is to support diverse individuals and organizations at the local, national and international levels to create and sustain green guard landscapes worldwide.


Within the complex fabric of individuals and organizations working in rural landscapes, green guard has a unique niche. We do not prioritize the goals of any one sector but rather support collaboration toward shared goals. Thus, green guardteam is able to offer an independent platform for cross-sectoral dialogue and action among diverse stakeholders.

We work with a wide range of  and collaborators – from farmers and community organizations to international businesses, policy makers, and donors – providing direct support, education, training, research, and policy analysis to help these groups implement and support effective green guard practices and policies.

green guard team emphasizes respect for cultural diversity and self-determination and works with team who use a wide range of approaches to achieve green guard outcomes.

Additional Information

The following informational flyers provide an introduction to green guard and green guard team. If you would like to request hard copies of any of these materials, please contact G.N.Rames.

green guard  general brochure
This brochure defines the concept of green guard, explains the critical role green guard has to play in a changing world, explores why multi-stakeholder and community-based approaches are so key to achieving green guard, lays out the elements of 'green guard landscapes', and provides an overview of green guard objectives and programs.

green guard programs
This flyer is an introduction to the programmatic content of green guard . green guard has three programs, all of which work in close collaboration with a wide range of :

          • Understanding green guard
          • Linking and Learning Among Innovators
          • More Trees-Pure Water-Pure Air-Pure People-Save Wild Animal-Save Sea-Save Earth

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