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  Sustainable Development in India:
A Framework for Integrating Investment in Agriculture, Food Security, Climate Response and Ecosystems

By Balaji

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Our Team is nearly going to be 3,500 Branches only in Tamil Nadu. We are reaching more than 6000 Branches in All over India  .


GGT Branch Members Details will be published in few days .


Every day joining minimum 25 branches in Our GGT.


Every day we are distributing and Planting 1000 trees from our Green Guard Team.



Our GGT  Team is nearly going to become 9,00,000 social service members.
Our contribution is going to be reach 1 crore(10 million) public* support added for our incredible social service.
(* SIMR-South Indian Monitoring Report)


We are distributing more than 60 lakh(60,00,000) plants in India(plants supported by volunteers,  forest and Agriculture department)


These are all made by our superior Team effort. Thanks to all our GGT Team.


GDB Info Syscom | Salem-11 | Tamil Nadu, India |  www.gdb.net.in
Green Guard contact number : 9047306606 , 9600673099. 0427-2345806