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Promoting Policies and Markets for greenguard Policies for greenguard


A key challenge is the development of international and national policies that enable greenguard. greenguard Partners is working with diverse  partners to mobilize strategic policy actions to support and scale up greenguard. Actions include integrating green guard objectives into national and international policy frameworks, and promoting coordination between agriculture, conservation, and rural development policies. 

At international level, the project catalyzes support for greenguard investments to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and goals of the International Environmental Conventions, especially the UN Conventions on Biological Diversity (CBD), Climate Change (UNFCCC), and Desertification (CCD).

Green Guard Partners is also working with partners to track key international and national policy issues and processes that impact greenguard. This research includes the development of a ‘policy indicator toolkit’ for monitoring institutional change towards greenguard-friendly policies and programs and will be piloted with partners in Asia. Green Guard Partners collaborated with Tree Development Team and Plant Research Centre  to develop the first-ever national-level indicators of the environmental performance of agriculture for the Environmental Performance Index.




Our GGT  Team is nearly going to become 9,00,000 social service members.
Our contribution is going to be reach 1 crore(10 million) public* support added for our incredible social service.
(* SIMR-South Indian Monitoring Report)


We are distributing more than 60 lakh(60,00,000) plants in India(plants supported by volunteers,  forest and Agriculture department)


These are all made by our superior Team effort. Thanks to all our GGT Team.



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